Eight Tips For Growing Your E-commerce Business Using Social Media











Do you have an ecommerce store and are looking to improve your social media presence and boost sales?  With the right strategy in place, you can certainly achieve this.

Below are eight tips on how to boost your ecommerce business using social media.   


1) Social SEO

When it comes to your social media profiles, you want to have the right SEO plan so that your brand is super easy to find online.  This can be achieved by making sure you are optimizing your profiles.  First, you should definitely have a social profile setup on all the major social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ etc).  It is not necessary to be super active on all of them.  Just having a page set up is enough to improve your brand’s social SEO and its overall searchability.

2. Start a blog

Having a business blog is key for attracting new business and further nurturing your relationship with your current customers. Posting content that is informative and well written will go a long way in increasing traffic to your website, attracting more prospects, boosting customer engagement and most importantly, increasing sales. It is also a great opportunity for your brand to set itself apart from its competitors.

3) Pay for advertising

Social media for marketing has taken off and you can no longer expect to get too far without spending some marketing dollars.  Go through your blog each week and choose a couple of pieces of content that you think will resonate with you audience.  Then, check out Facebook’s advertising options to promote your content on either Facebook or Instagram. This strategy is budget friendly and a quick way to get your content seen.

4) Post user generated content

UGC (User Generated Content) is basically any content generated by your customers with regards to your company.  This could be an image, review, tutorial etc. Aside from the great perk of it being free, you get the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the customer that helps make your company so great. In addition, you are highlighting your product through the eyes of a customer which provides potential buyers a better idea of whether the product would be right for them.

5) Show your expertise

When people are looking to make a purchase, they want to do so from an expert.  Take the time to make your brand an authority by taking part in events, trending topics, Twitter talks, Facebook live videos etc. Doing these things will have you come across as more  trustworthy and you will see your sales go up.

6) Employ social media monitoring

There is tons of chatter online and you need to be in the know about it.  Look into using a social media monitoring tool to see who is talking about your brand or industry.  You can  create a feed that will monitor keywords or hashtags relevant to your industry. This will also give you an idea about what types of content your industry is chatting about which will help give you direction for your own content strategy.

7) Advertise your products on your social media

As an online business owner, you need to advertise your products where the masses are.  Millions of people are on social media at any given time and you need to be as well.  Look into having your products advertised directly on your Facebook business page. As you add a new product, don’t forget to also mention it on your timeline as well so that it shows up in your audience’s news feed.  You want as much exposure as possible.

8) Produce content for the season

When it comes to holidays, events, seasons etc. companies are great at putting out promotional content and sales events that coincide with each.  What they fall short on is putting out non-promotional content that is related to them.  These can be treasure troves for your business for two reasons. First, they are usually visual and as we all know, high levels of engagement occur with posts that include a photo (i.e. company holiday event).  Second, you have the emotional component that the holidays trigger.  These also boost engagement and conversations.  Take the time to focus on curating and creating related content more so than promotional content and you will definitely see an upswing.  On a side note, coming up with great content on a consistent basis can be a job in itself.  I have found that using a company that can create custom social media content for you can be amazing.  Provide them with all the key details about your company and they will give you tailored content. No more trying to come up with the perfect post for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Just approve the content and you pick the day and time it does out. I cannot express enough how much this has helped my business.  I now have the time I need to focus on other important aspects of my business.


How To Use Flyers This Holiday Season To Market Your Listings

The holidays are coming up on us once again.  As real estate agents and brokers, you should definitely have holiday marketing on your to do list.  It is a great time to further relationships with current clients as well as gain new ones.  One way to provide value to your clients is through real estate flyers. Instead of creating the usual flyer with your latest properties, consider creating flyers with useful information and offerings.  This will certainly peak the interest of both buyers and prospects.

Below are five creative ideas on how to use real estate flyers this holiday season


1. Provide information that is both valuable and helpful

You can really get creative with this one. Since it is the holidays, try putting together holiday recipes, holiday prep tips, upcoming special events etc.  Just remember to add your contact details, company info and logo to your flyer.  You can even go as far as to invite them to contact you for further tips or services.  These work great as marketing collateral since people will tend to hold onto flyers like this.  And for bonus, add a pic of yourself.  Each time they look at your flyer, they get to see your face and remember you as their go to realtor.

2. Collaborate with local businesses and feature holiday discounts

This is a great time of year to link up with local vendors or businesses and create a special discounted holiday package.  This can include holiday related products/services like cleaning services, light and decoration installation, personal shoppers etc.  Your flyer can highlight these exclusive special deals that are only for your clients. Remember to include some details about the companies as well as any services they provide.

3Feature your key properties that you sold this past year

This is a great way to show off all your hard work. Potential clients will love the visual proof they will get from seeing the positive results others have had with you.  You will no doubt see a boost in your conversion rate right away.  Also make sure you include some testimonials to further solidify your abilities .

4Create a Thanksgiving letter flyer

Thanksgiving offers the perfect opportunity to reach out to clients both old and new.  Putting together a special Thanksgiving letter for your flyer will really go a long way with your clients. You definitely want it to have a personal feel so be sure to include your    handwritten signature as well as your name and address on the envelope.  For an added touch, include a first-class postage stamp.  The great thing about this idea is that it transfers over perfectly to real estate email flyers.  Once your email flyer is ready to go, use  “Thank you” as the subject line and to give it an extra touch, follow up it up with a phone call.  With the social and digital revolution, people really appreciate hearing someone’s voice.  By doing all this, you will no doubt drum up some business as well as referrals.

5.  Come up with a cause to sponsor

The holidays are all about giving back, so this would be a great time to find a cause to sponsor.  Create a flyer around the cause your are sponsoring and include details on how to get involved. This will definitely garner you respect and future loyalty.


Tips For Better Real Estate Photos

When it comes to real estate, having great images to show potential buyers attracts more attention and will help you sell your listings faster.  In order to make those picture work for you, they need to be great!  High quality photos will help you achieve this. This is crucial when it comes to your online marketing efforts as the majority of home buyers are researching online for their next home.

Below are some tips on how to achieve great real estate photos that will sell your listings.

Invest in a decent camera

Poor picture quality can really make or break a listing.  It is not necessary to break the bank with high-end equipment but you also do not want to use your camera phone either.   A 5-megapixel camera should be sufficient enough to get you great pictures. These cameras are pretty common and very affordable.  It is also worth it to invest in a tripod.  It will help you produce clearer pictures since using your hands can lead to them turning out blurry.  For tips on choosing the right camera for your pictures, check out this article: https://www.nar.realtor/field-guides/field-guide-to-digital-cameras-photography

Once you have some great shots you can start using them on any print materials as well as for online marketing purposes.  Real estate email flyers are a great way to use these pictures and maximize your online marketing ROI.  Flyerme.com is a great source for this. They have a wide selection of real estate email flyer templates to choose from or you can upload your own custom design.

Take the right pictures

When taking pictures, bare in mind that potential buyers are not looking to see what is currently in the house, they want to see the home as it is being advertised.  For this reason, you want the house to be as neat and clean as possible.  You want the person who is viewing the images to be able to imagine how their belongings would look in the home instead of seeing an overload of someone else’s stuff.  Make an effort to showcase items of color in your photos like flowers, colorful artwork etc.  You would be amazed what a splash of color can do for a neutral space.

Natural light is the best light

Natural sunlight is every photographers dream.  It is the best lighting to take pictures in and real estate pictures are no exception.  Be sure to schedule your picture-taking on a sunny and clear day if possible.  Allow as much natural light in as possible by keeping the curtains open. For additional tips on the best lighting for real estate photography, click here https://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/15218826/list/7-pro-lighting-tips-for-budding-home-photographers

Some additional tips to keep in mind

Take pictures from the doorway entering the room.  These tends to come out better.

For exterior shots of a single-family home, an angle shot as opposed to one directly from the front allows people to see the depth of the home instead of a more flat view.  Also be sure to not include any obstructive things like dumpsters, electrical wires, telephone poles.

Lastly, have fun taking tons of photos.  You want to make sure you have enough great shots to choose from.  Today’s digital cameras are so advantageous for this reason, you can take as many as you want with no additional cost.

Now that you are equipped with some professional looking pictures to show potential buyers and other colleagues, you are all set to sell that home in no time!


5 Tips For Instagram Scheduling

instagram scheduler

Coming up with great content to post everyday on Instagram can be tough, but we all know by now that posting consistently is key to building and growing your brand.  The key to getting you on the road to consistency is using a social media calendar.  This is so helpful and it will allow you to plan out a full month’s worth of content in advance.  How exciting to think about all that free time you will have to focus on other important things.

Below are 5 great tips to get you planning and freed up.


1. Know the month ahead

Content is the foundation of your Instagram presence and giving thought to what to post is key.  Identify your objectives and what about your brand you want to showcase through your feed. Give thought to what your audience wants to see, how you can bring value to them or even entertain them.  What products/services do you want to promote?  These are all things to think about when putting together a cohesive content plan.  When you are ready with a nice list of content themes, you can now give thought to what will be the focus of your images and videos.

2. Editing

Once you have taken your pictures, it’s time to think about editing.   If I am using pics from my phone, I like using Lightloom and VSCO.  If I am editing pics from my DSLR camera, I use Photoshop.  One thing you want to keep in mind is that your brand and your Instagram feed should compliment each other.  For example, if you are a blogger and your site features a lot of white space, then your feed should feature pictures that also have that white space.  If you need super bright whites, play around in Photoshop to alter the exposure.  If you are using bright colors, you can play around with the saturation.  There is no right or wrong way when it comes to how you edit your photos, you just want to make sure it looks cohesive.

3. Organize your photos

How many times have you wanted a particular photo on the fly and you have to scroll through hundreds of pics to find the one you are looking for? Well those days are long gone.  By now you should have an album set up where you can save the photos you plan to use on Instagram.  If you have an Iphone, this would probably be an IOS Album.  Doing this is incredibly helpful when you are trying to quickly pull photos into apps for editing purposes.

4. Schedule your Instagram posts

Since planning ahead is the key to all of this, you want to schedule your Instagram posts with a social media scheduling tool like Autogrammer. Even more awesome is that it allows you to bulk upload your images so that you can easily access them when scheduling.  Another great feature is that you can also schedule posts to Facebook and Twitter.  It’s a one stop shop.

5. Have access to all your important files and docs

Aside from uploading my pics to Autogrammer.  I also suggest saving them to another place as well.  I use Dropbox just in case.  Another thing to keep handy and organized is your list of hashtags. For this you can just use a Google docs spreadsheet to gather a running list of hashtags in alphabetical order.  This will allow you to make scheduling posts easier so that you don’t have to go researching hashtags.  It is all about ease of access.

There you have it.  Some great tips to get you on your way to creating a consistent and cohesive Instagram feed.  Preparation and planning really is the key to success in anything you do and you social media endeavors are not different.  Happy content scheduling!

Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

real estate flyersAs we all know by now, social media sites are fundamental to how people are connecting and socializing in today’s digital world.  For real estate professionals, social media is the key to connecting with and landing new business.

Below are helpful tips on how to use social media to brand and grow your real estate business.

Make sure you are on Facebook

By now you should have a Facebook business page setup.  As you get started, keep posts relevant and local.  Posts about schools, restaurants, local concerts and business openings are all great things to share with your circle. Take it a step further by engaging with your audience by asking questions.  Doing this shows that your are enthusiastic about your profession and the neighborhoods you are selling homes in.

Twitter is great to use in conjunction with Facebook

Now that you are on Facebook, Twitter is a great platform to utilize along side it. The combination of both is a great way to drive awareness and boost engagement with prospective clients.  On Facebook, you may be posting once a day but with twitter it is common to push out multiple tweets a day.  You can schedule tweets for each open house you have coming up or any great content you want to share.

Pinterest is awesome for real estate agents

Pinterest is a key marketing tool for real estate agents.  It provides a great way to connect with clients and provide value.  You can get started by setting up a board of your listings.  I have one where I pin all my real estate flyers that I create for my listings.

I use Flyerco.com to create them.  They have beautiful flyer templates to choose from and I am able to upload pics that I take with my professional camera.  Since Pinterest is all about images, this board always gets traction.

You should also include a neighborhood board where you can include pins on schools, restaurants, local businesses etc.  It is also a good idea to create boards that would be of interest to your clients (i.e. home decor, gardening, diy projects).  This creates that important value factor that you want when it comes to sharing information through social media.  Quick tip, set up a Pinterest tab on your Facebook page. This is an easy way to continue interacting with your connections.

Video is a major promotional tool for real estate agents

Video sharing is a great way to get noticed.  They provide an expanded reach and with the autoplay feature, followers are more apt to watch as they scroll through their Facebook or Twitter feeds.  With videos you can showcase properties, create a video bio (include this on your Facebook business page and YouTube channel) or provide value by sharing tips for buyers and sellers.

In conclusion, social media is a must tool to have in your marketing arsenal.  It is key in helping you build a strong, long-lasting relationship with your clients.  With the proper social media marketing plan, you will be taking advantage of the great opportunity that these social platforms have.


Water Transfer Printing in the Bay Area

hydro dippingWhen people think of printing, they think of printing an image or document on a piece of two dimensional paper. However, that is not the only type of printing that is done nowadays. In fact, it is possible to print images or words on a three dimensional surface. One technology that is used to do this is referred to as water transfer printing. It is possible to use hydrodipping on a wide variety of different surfaces. You can use hydrographics on metal and plastic, but it is even possible to use water transfer printing on hardwood and glass. There is actually an extremely long list of different materials that hydro-dipping can be used on.

3d-printing can also allow you to paint very intricate and interesting patterns on to items. This technology is often used to put very intricate, detailed, and stylish patterns on items. This technology is often utilized to put a camouflage design on to an item, and it can be far more effective than traditionally painted camouflage. In many cases, it would be very difficult to impossible to use traditional painting to create these designs. Furthermore, hydrodipping can be used for a wide variety of different items. Water transfer printing is also used in manufacturing. In fact, many factories make use of hydrodipping for their mass production.

There are numerous companies that offer hydro-dipping services. This means that it is possible to bring an item that you already have, and then you can get it hydrodipped. These services are often quite affordable, and it is often very easy to get a quote. If you would like to utilize hydrographics for a large number of items, there are some services that offer wholesale camo-printing services. This can give you a much cheaper rate than having each item hydrodipped individually. Thanks to the internet, it is possible to choose from a lot of different water transfer printing services such as Exolutions from the Bay Area (here’s their web site). There are many companies that allow you to ship in an item, and then they can use hydrodipping to put an image, words, or a pattern on to it. You can call the company and request the pattern, image, or words you would like to have hydrodipped on to the item. The internet also makes it easily possible to choose the best water transfer printing company for your item, because you can read reviews of any businesses that you are considering.

Since water transfer printing has become much more frequently used, there may be a business that you can go to in your local area. If you simply search for hydrodipping in your local area online, there is a good chance that there will be a local business that offers these services. If you are looking to have a gun, bow, or other item that is commonly hydrodipped done, some of the shops that sell these items also offer hydrographics services. This can be very convenient, because you can have the item hydrodipped from the same shop that you bought it in.

Choosing The Right Security System For Your Home

home securityHome security systems are diverse and come in various varieties and this makes it difficult to find a security system that matches the needs of your home. To select the right home security system it is important to do some research as well as understand the needs of your home.

Here are tips to help you choose the right home security system.

Type of security system.

There are many types of home security options available in the market and this might be very confusing for any buyer blinding looking for a home security system. Understanding the different types will help you make an informed choice when making your decision. For instance we have the alarm system that consists of fire and smoke detectors. Then we have the burglar system that consists of sensors that alert home users in case of invasion. The last option is a complete home security system that contains a combination of the alarm and burger system.

Installation required.

Different home security systems require different type of installations. There are security systems that require professional experts to do installation (like Vivint) while some can be installed by anyone in the home. When choosing a security system, it is important to consider logistics of installation and the need for a professional touch. There are installations that may require restructuring of the home to accommodate the chances in the installation process. All this factors should be considered to determine the right security system for you.

A monitored or unmonitored system.

There are two types of security systems and they include the monitored and unmonitored security system. Before choosing the option to go for make sure you understand what each security system entails. An unmonitored security system is expensive in terms of the initial price used to purchase the system. Using an unmonitored security system means that monitoring of the security is left entirely to you. A monitored security system on the other hand has a lower purchasing price, monitoring is done by a security company that is responsible for monitoring what is going on around the home. With a monitored security system, you have to pay a fee to the security company for monitoring purposes.

Emergency services personnel.

There are some home security system that are likely to offer you emergency support in case you might need help. Such kind of security systems have an alarm response system to alert you in case of burglary or unauthorized access. There are systems that will send an alert to your phone but this is not enough because sometimes you may not be able to access your phone at all times. In case you are away from your home and you cannot access your phone, an emergency alert will be send to your security provider. This are the personnel that will help you in finding help.


Cost is always a great determinant when buying any product. Home security systems are not different and it is important to look at the cost aspect. There are security systems with a low purchasing cost and they require subsequent fees like installation and monitoring. Other systems may have higher initial cost but they are easy to install and do not require monitoring fees.

The Many Benefits of Pet Insurance

The popularity of pet insurance has increased significantly in the recent past. This means that more pet owners are taking insurance coverage for their pets. The main reason behind this surge of popularity is that pet owners have realized the benefits that come with covering a pet. As a result, the pet owners are taking these coverdogs so that they can enjoy these benefits.

Benefits of insurance for pets

The primary benefit of this kind of insurance is that pet owners get reimbursed almost the entire amount they spend taking their pets for treatment. When a pet gets sick or injured, the owner needs to take the particular pet to a vet. This can be a costly especially if the pet has a serious sickness or the injuries are severe. With the insurance one gets refund from the insurance company. This means that the money that is spent to pay for the pet’s bill is paid back to the owner and therefore the pet’s owner does not incur serious expense when the pet is injured or sick.

Another benefit is that the pet is able to get the best care. This is because the owner knows that the money spent will be refunded. Therefore, the owner will choose the best care regardless of the price therefore enabling the pet enjoy top quality treatment. All what one needs so as to enjoy these benefits is to get the right company to cover the pet.

Qualities of a good pet insurance company

One of the top qualities of such company is providing a wide coverage. This is because some of these companies have limited coverage where their insurance covers just certain types of injuries or ailments on the pets. Having a wide coverage allows the owner of the pet to have peace of mind knowing that the pet will be treated regardless of the type of injuries or aliments. One can compare different companies to determine which has a better and more comprehensive coverage for pets.

Another important quality is whether the company is dully licensed. This is because there are many pet insurance companies including those found online. Some of these companies might not be dully licensed therefore meaning that the cover on the pet is not recognized legally. One should request to view the license prior to accepting to take the insurance cover for the pet. One can go ahead and check whether the particular company is in the list of the licensed companies in the area which have authority to serve people with pets.

It is also paramount to check the professionalism of the chosen company. The importance of this is that some companies are more professional than others. Professionalism is applied in areas such as compensating the pet owners as soon as possible. One can establish whether a certain company is professional through checking out testimonials to know whether other pet owners who have used to company to insure their pets are satisfied with the services they get.

Ways to get the right company to insure a pet

One of the most ideal ways to get the right company is checking different advertisement forums such as online, on the yellow pages and in the local dailies. These advertisements usually contain details regarding the company and its contacts.  One of the top pet insurance companies to consider is Healthy Paws.  One can also get the right company through getting recommendations from other pet owners. Therefore, it is possible to get a competent and good pet insurance company just by knowing the qualities to check and the ways to get such a company.

Is LifeLock A Reliable ID Theft Protection Company?

lifelock logoLifeLock is a company popular for providing outstanding theft protection services. Identity theft is becoming rampant these days, which just explains why their own services are very needed. With the personal and financial details stolen, criminals can pursue their fraudulent activities using the identity of victims. This bogus activity usually causes victims issues with their finances. This just shows how beneficial their services are. To be more convinced, take a look at why LifeLock reviews are always positive.

Safeguarding from Identity theft

An identity thief has the capability to steal data from folks invisibly through using modern tactics. To prevent such occurrence, LifeLock security teams are committed to guarding your personal information. When they have detected suspicious activities taking place, they will immediately alert you. This is quite useful for those who have credit cards. You do not want to be swamped down by debts because your credit card information was hacked. This will also make your credit score to decrease. The company makes it sure that clients will experience satisfaction with their services; this is why every LifeLock review they receive is positive.

Over 10,000 websites are notable for doing criminal activities over the web. You have the right to utilize the Black market website scanning feature of the company if you acquire LifeLock’s security plan. This will notify you if ever phony websites try to access your personal data. Therefore, before something unpleasant happens to your account, you can already do something beforehand.

Major areas affected by identity theft

Pre-approved store accounts and credit cards have been victims of an identity thief. Thus, your name in any preapproved list is being removed to guarantee security. The security team is also responsible in overseeing your credit score. When you observe your credit score abruptly decreases, then there’s an opportunity that somebody is playing around with your personal credit details.

Reasons for opting for lifelock services

The monthly expense of lifelock services is yet another reason customers provide them good LifeLock review. They give high-quality services at a cost that is relatively cost-effective. The company has a variety of service plans, and customers have the liberty to select which plan fits their budget. What’s even wonderful is on the first 30 days of your subscription, they will provide their services totally free. Discounts can also be acquired when you have some of their promo codes. If you want to get their promos, feel free to check out their official site.

Other companies also offer lifelock identity theft services. In fact, most of them are also providing such services at very affordable rates. However, LifeLock is still the greatest company having high-quality service; that’s the reason people find them preferable. The data about them is really overwhelming. Hence, it’s about time for you to try their own services first-hand.

Credit Repair Tips That Really Work

credit repair agencyMany people never improve their credit score because they believe the myth that there is nothing they can do but wait. While time can help to ease some of the strain of your credit score, it will not truly help build it back up. There are actually proactive measures you can take on your own to help repair your credit. In addition, there are a few legal avenues you can explore on your own or with the help of a lawyer to help boost your score. The following are just a few credit repair tips that can get you started now on a better future.

Gather All Free Information First

The very first thing you need to do is gather as much information about your credit repair score as you can. Most people do not realize that the major three credit reporting bureaus have to release copies of a person’s credit report every year. You are entitled to one free copy from each bureau every year. You can write to request a copy or you can visit www.annualcreditreport.com and print out a copy of each report. This is vital because you need to see your report before you can attempt to tackle repairing it.

Dispute Any Disparities in Your Information

The best thing to do once you have the report is to sit down with a highlighter and take a look at your debts, collections, and other items on your report. Use one color to highlight matters you may be able to resolve such as small debts that you can potentially pay off. Use another color to highlight larger debts that you could consider wrapping into a debt settlement offer. Then take one more color and highlight anything that sounds off to you. It is important to note any disparities so that you can take care of them promptly. Anything that seems misleading, inaccurate, or unverifiable needs to be disputed.

Follow-up or Consider Hiring a Credit Repair Lawyer

When it comes to disputing an item on your credit report you can write a letter to the credit bureau stating the problem. They are supposed to reply within a reasonable time frame and if they do not are required to remove the item from your report. This is where it is extremely important to follow-up on everything you dispute. Some people prefer to hire a credit repair firm such as Lexington Law to take care of this task for them, but the choice is ultimately yours.