5 Social Media Marketing Tips To Boost Your Shopify Store Sales


As an ecommerce business owner, your biggest challenge is increasing traffic in order to keep growing and stay in business.  With so much competition in the ecommerce space, this is no easy task.

Below are 5 effective social media marketing tips to help boost your Shopify store sales

1. Post consistently

Posting consistently to your social media accounts is essential to growing your following.  The time of day and how often you are posting is also important.  You want to figure out what works best for your audience by testing out frequency of posts as well as posting times.  On average, they say posting once a day to Facebook and 4-6 times to Twitter everyday works for most.  You should also check out the accounts of your competitors to see what their engagement levels look like for the times and frequency of their posts.

Finding the time to post consistently to your accounts is definitely time consuming.  There are a couple of great tools you can use to help automate the process.  For scheduling posts to different social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Autogrammer does an awesome job. The other very time consuming part of posting is coming up with tailored content to post.  This is where a tool that creates social media content for you is so helpful. Emphatic.co is my tool of choice.  They ask you all the key details about your business and target audience and come up with tailored content that you approve and schedule to post.  Both of these tools have been a game changer for my social media marketing strategy.

2. Use social buttons

One of the best way to boost traffic to your social media accounts is through social share buttons.  These should be embedded within your website and in any marketing communications you send out.  If you have a business blog, you should definitely have sharing buttons clearly displayed so that readers can easily share your article.

Here are some places you want to make sure you have social share buttons:

  • At the footer of your website and blog
  • At the header of your website and blog
  • In your email newsletter
  • In your email signature

3. Automate your reviews

Product reviews are gold to your business.  They help create trust in your product and are a great way to boost sales.  One of the best tools to use to automate the process of getting reviews is Yotpo.  It is one of the most popular tools for this purpose and it is available for free in the Shopify app store. You basically connect to any of these accounts ( Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) and it will let you post your customer reviews to your pages which will increase sales. The reviews help drive social traffic to your product pages.

4. Try out different titles for your blog posts

Your blog titles matter just as much as the content you are posting.

Here are some tips when coming up with titles:

  • Use simple language
  • Take advantage of psychological traits like urgency, fear, desire etc,
  • Keep it short
  • Using negative words like “stop,” “avoid,” “don’t” perform better when they are in your title.
  • If you are listing things in your post, begin the title with how many points you have in the post (i.e. 10 ways to…)

5. Make it simple to make purchases from your social channels

Sales from social media are growing very quickly.  Buy buttons are the reason for this and you should be using them if you are not.  They let people make purchases from within a social network.  Two great examples of this are on Facebook and Pinterest.

If you have a Facebook store, the Facebook Buy Button allows you to not only sell your products but hold sales events and show exclusive merchandise.  This leads to an increased dialogue with customers.

Pinterest also provides a great way to boost sales with their buyable pins.  As you do a search on there for anything and everything, you see pins at the top where you can make purchases.  With Pinterest you are really expanding your reach and the opportunity to maximize revenue is huge.

Boosting sales from social media is important but you also want to make sure you are doing all you can to increase sales from your Shopify store.  There are many Shopfiy apps to help you reduce the amount of business you lose.  I have had a lot of luck with Exit offers.  This app provides you with a pop-up that will show a special promo to a customer if they start to navigate away from your store.  Things like free shipping or a percentage discount easily sways customers to purchase.  I saw my revenue go up pretty quickly after I started using this app in my store. Also keep in mind email marketing, this channel is key too for keeping revenue flowing.


Boosting online sales for your Shopify store is key to its growth and success.  Maximizing your presence on your social media channels is a great way to do this.  Try out the above tips to help your brand stand out from the competition.