BJRE SST Series Race 6 Awards & Notes,

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BJRE SST Series Race 6 Awards & Notes,

Postby Nitro Joe Jackson » Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:26 pm

The 2013 season is now officially over for the Bill Jackson's Racing Engines Super Street Series. Race 6 had 30 cars qualifying for the last SST event of the year as Denny Boyd was #1 qualifier and picked up the Jenkins Welding & fab "Top Gun" award. The 2 gambler RT's awards were won by Ray Miller in Q1 and Dan Funk in Q2. The points chase had started out with Matt Dadas and Dan Funk having a chance to catch 2 time Champion Allen Smith but after Allen won round three it was all over. Dan Funk ended up securing second spot after Matt lost in round three. When the finals came around it was now 3 time champion of the BJRE SST Series, Allen Smith taking the win over Ron Lower,. Ron did win the "Nitro Joe's" Bounty Hunter award in the semi's defeating Race 5 winner Rich Pica. Rex Davis picked up the Joy Smith Motorsports "Best Winning Package" of the event award with a .0091 package in round one.
Congratulation's to Allen & Joy Smith for their championship run and a BIG thank you to everyone that has supported the series, either racing in it or my associate sponsors. And a big thanks to my wife Lorie for helping me out all year (I know I struggled some this year), and to my parents Bill & Mary Ann Jackson for letting me do this for them.

Nitro Joe Jackson
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Re: BJRE SST Series Race 6 Awards & Notes,

Postby Jim Butcher » Wed Oct 16, 2013 4:55 pm

When you get time, can you post the final points for all of the SST racers?? I just want to see how far from the bottom I finished!! Hopefully not on the bottom!! See ya!!
Jim Butcher
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