Six Tips To Have A More Successful Landscaping Business


When you start a landscaping business, much of your success is dependent upon many variables. Whether you are starting your own lawn-care business or expanding your current business, there are helpful tips that can help you achieve success.

1. Come up with goals 

Before starting your business, you need to give thought to what your goals are.  Think about whether this will be a part time or full time business as well as whether you want to stay small or try and grow it bigger. You also need to give thought to managing all the business aspects like taxes, marketing, invoices etc.

Also important to think about is coming up with a mission statement.  This clearly defines why you are creating this business.  This will help when it comes to making certain decisions as you can look at your mission statement and decide whether it gels with it.

2. Determine your target market 

Now it is time to figure out who your target market is.  Will you be targeting lawn maintenance for corporate offices or are you planning to offer lawn maintenance to residences.  You also need to determine a niche for your business.  Is patio garden design going to be your thing or are you going to promote an all organic approach to lawn care?  Figure out your niche and who your ideal client is and you will be on your way to creating targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

3.  Pick the right equipment 

Your next step is the figure out the right equipment and tools that will help you run your business effectively.  You want to give thought to the types of services you will be providing and you want to choose equipment that will help you get the job done as efficiently and as quickly as possible.  You also want to think about quality and the level of maintenance it takes to maintain the equipment.  You want to limit the amount of time and money you spend on repairs.  When you are ready to move forward, check in with your network of colleagues, talk to dealers and do your research online.  Consider these three things before purchasing:

  • The type of guarantee/warranty offered on the equipment.
  • How the dealer’s customer service is.
  • How easily can you get replacement parts.

4. Invest in business management software

In order to have a successful business that has the potential to grow, you need to invest in a landscaping business management software. You want something that has all the essential internal and project management functions you will need.  It should cover everything from estimates, scheduling, invoicing, tracking time and more.

5. Put together a trustworthy team 

The landscaping industry is constantly growing and with that it becomes hard to find and keep good workers. One of the best ways to find new employees is through referrals from your current ones.

Once your team is in place, share your goals and mission statement.  Encourage your team to share any ways you can improve your business as his helps your employees feel important.

6. Leverage Your Clients

When it comes to getting new business, the most cost effective strategy is word of mouth. This is your opportunity to speak with your satisfied customers and ask them to write a testimonial on your behalf.  By now, you should have your business set up on all the main business directories (Google, Facebook, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Bing, Foursquare, Angies List etc).  You should also have social media profiles set up on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.  Nowadays people are searching social media and business directories and if you want to be found, you need to have your business on them.  Being that everyone is online at all hours, this is a super easy way for people to sing your praises with a review.