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5 Tips For Instagram Scheduling

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Coming up with great content to post everyday on Instagram can be tough, but we all know by now that posting consistently is key to building and growing your brand.  The key to getting you on the road to consistency is using a social media calendar.  This is so helpful and it will allow you to plan out a full month’s worth of content in advance.  How exciting to think about all that free time you will have to focus on other important things.

Below are 5 great tips to get you planning and freed up.


1. Know the month ahead

Content is the foundation of your Instagram presence and giving thought to what to post is key.  Identify your objectives and what about your brand you want to showcase through your feed. Give thought to what your audience wants to see, how you can bring value to them or even entertain them.  What products/services do you want to promote?  These are all things to think about when putting together a cohesive content plan.  When you are ready with a nice list of content themes, you can now give thought to what will be the focus of your images and videos.

2. Editing

Once you have taken your pictures, it’s time to think about editing.   If I am using pics from my phone, I like using Lightloom and VSCO.  If I am editing pics from my DSLR camera, I use Photoshop.  One thing you want to keep in mind is that your brand and your Instagram feed should compliment each other.  For example, if you are a blogger and your site features a lot of white space, then your feed should feature pictures that also have that white space.  If you need super bright whites, play around in Photoshop to alter the exposure.  If you are using bright colors, you can play around with the saturation.  There is no right or wrong way when it comes to how you edit your photos, you just want to make sure it looks cohesive.

3. Organize your photos

How many times have you wanted a particular photo on the fly and you have to scroll through hundreds of pics to find the one you are looking for? Well those days are long gone.  By now you should have an album set up where you can save the photos you plan to use on Instagram.  If you have an Iphone, this would probably be an IOS Album.  Doing this is incredibly helpful when you are trying to quickly pull photos into apps for editing purposes.

4. Schedule your Instagram posts

Since planning ahead is the key to all of this, you want to schedule your Instagram posts with a social media scheduling tool like Autogrammer. Even more awesome is that it allows you to bulk upload your images so that you can easily access them when scheduling.  Another great feature is that you can also schedule posts to Facebook and Twitter.  It’s a one stop shop.

5. Have access to all your important files and docs

Aside from uploading my pics to Autogrammer.  I also suggest saving them to another place as well.  I use Dropbox just in case.  Another thing to keep handy and organized is your list of hashtags. For this you can just use a Google docs spreadsheet to gather a running list of hashtags in alphabetical order.  This will allow you to make scheduling posts easier so that you don’t have to go researching hashtags.  It is all about ease of access.

There you have it.  Some great tips to get you on your way to creating a consistent and cohesive Instagram feed.  Preparation and planning really is the key to success in anything you do and you social media endeavors are not different.  Happy content scheduling!