Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

real estate flyersAs we all know by now, social media sites are fundamental to how people are connecting and socializing in today’s digital world.  For real estate professionals, social media is the key to connecting with and landing new business.

Below are helpful tips on how to use social media to brand and grow your real estate business.

Make sure you are on Facebook

By now you should have a Facebook business page setup.  As you get started, keep posts relevant and local.  Posts about schools, restaurants, local concerts and business openings are all great things to share with your circle. Take it a step further by engaging with your audience by asking questions.  Doing this shows that your are enthusiastic about your profession and the neighborhoods you are selling homes in.

Twitter is great to use in conjunction with Facebook

Now that you are on Facebook, Twitter is a great platform to utilize along side it. The combination of both is a great way to drive awareness and boost engagement with prospective clients.  On Facebook, you may be posting once a day but with twitter it is common to push out multiple tweets a day.  You can schedule tweets for each open house you have coming up or any great content you want to share.

Pinterest is awesome for real estate agents

Pinterest is a key marketing tool for real estate agents.  It provides a great way to connect with clients and provide value.  You can get started by setting up a board of your listings.  I have one where I pin all my real estate flyers that I create for my listings.

I use to create them.  They have beautiful flyer templates to choose from and I am able to upload pics that I take with my professional camera.  Since Pinterest is all about images, this board always gets traction.

You should also include a neighborhood board where you can include pins on schools, restaurants, local businesses etc.  It is also a good idea to create boards that would be of interest to your clients (i.e. home decor, gardening, diy projects).  This creates that important value factor that you want when it comes to sharing information through social media.  Quick tip, set up a Pinterest tab on your Facebook page. This is an easy way to continue interacting with your connections.

Video is a major promotional tool for real estate agents

Video sharing is a great way to get noticed.  They provide an expanded reach and with the autoplay feature, followers are more apt to watch as they scroll through their Facebook or Twitter feeds.  With videos you can showcase properties, create a video bio (include this on your Facebook business page and YouTube channel) or provide value by sharing tips for buyers and sellers.

In conclusion, social media is a must tool to have in your marketing arsenal.  It is key in helping you build a strong, long-lasting relationship with your clients.  With the proper social media marketing plan, you will be taking advantage of the great opportunity that these social platforms have.